Gazebo in Lodge

December has found its way to us yet again and so has the Christmas hustle and bustle. Some of you have been preparing, organizing, and scheduling every second of your December days with activities for you and your family. Some have not- and that is absolutely okay. This Christmas season, I ask that you simply pause for a moment. Pause and think about the Reason for the Season. Pause and enjoy the company of your loved ones. If you’re looking for a fun, cost effective, and memorable experience that will help you soak up a little Christmas magic, look no further than your driveway. Pack a bag full of snacks, a few bottles of water, and load up the family into the car. Then drive. Drive to all the little downtown areas you can think of, drive through the neighborhoods, drive to the country where the street lights are fewer and the starlights are brighter and take in the magic that is Christmas lights. In our small town of Lodge,

Thanks to our neighbors Brantley, Amie, and JD for allowing us to photograph their beautiful house!

looking at the lights on the houses, looking at the big well-lit snowflakes they hang on the power poles, and staring at the tree they set up in the little white gazebo easily brings back the magic we often forget. Recapturing the magic with loved ones in the car (our puppy included!), snacks in hand, and blasting Christmas tunes that we sing along to is worth more than any material gift could ever cost. So this Christmas, try to head on out to the smaller towns, try to grab some of that Christmas magic with those you love, and remember to pause and soak it all in.