There are many reasons to buy local foods when shopping for you and your family. Grocery stores are a quick one stop shop for many of your needs. However, buying straight from the farmer at his or her store has its advantages! Keep reading to learn of 5 reasons to buy local foods.

  1. You know your farmer. In a typical grocery store, you most likely won’t know the person behind your food. When you buy local foods from your local farmer, you are able to talk to them about the crop, ask questions, gain knowledge, and build a relationship.
  2.  Seasonal eating advantage. Shopping for your fresh foods at your local farmer’s store or market ensures you know what is freshest and in season in your area. Keeping what you consume in season as much as you can allows you to be able to avoid ‘artificial ripening’.
  3. Food looks and tastes better. When you buy local, you know that the crop was harvested at or closer to its peak, keeping its rich flavor.
  4. Shorter time from farm to table. Buying local foods from your local farmers means that there is a good chance that crop was picked yesterday or that morning. Also, having the quick time from farm to table allows the foods to keep as many nutrients as possible.
  5. You’re investing in the future and ensuring there will be farms in your community tomorrow. Supporting your local farmers now helps to ensure that there will be farms in your community for future generations to enjoy and learn from.

We here at Rizer’s Pork and Produce are proud to be able to offer you the freshest ingredients to your meal time. Fresh pork products and seasonal veggies are available in our store in Lodge, SC.